Roni Akarah (Sing, O Barren), Paul Ben-Haim

Roni Akarah (Sing, O Barren), Paul Ben-Haim


Composed By: Paul Ben-Haim

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Voicing: SATB divisi



Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: moderate/difficult

Country: Israel

Solos: SATBB

Instruments: none

Lyrics: Isaiah 54

Publisher: IMI

Year Composed/Published: 1956-7

Timing: 9:20

Tempo: various

First Line: Roni Akarah lo yaladah

description: This four-movement motet is one of Ben-Haim’s finest choral works. Paul Ben-Haim, who emigrated from Germany to Palestine in 1933, is generally regarded as the father of the “Eastern Mediterranean” school of composition, and “Roni Akarah” is a fine example of that style. The modes, rhythms, melodies and textures are reminiscent of he Middle East, while the forms are those of European art music. This work will challenge the finest choirs, and leave a stirring impression on the audience.

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