Moadim, Mordecai Seter

Moadim, Mordecai Seter


Composed By: Mordecai Seter

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Voicing: SATB divisi

Keyword set of four motets

Event/Holiday: festivals

Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: medium difficult

Country: Israel/Iraq


Instruments: none

Lyrics: liturgy

Publisher: IMI

Year Composed/Published: 1946

Timing: 11:00

Tempo: various

First Line: tsur yeshuati

description: Seter bases his compositions on traditional Jewish melodies, and treats them in a style reminiscent of Bartok. (First movement: Tsur Yeshuati, based on a hymn for Sukkot, 5:46. Second movement: Ha Lakhma Anya, based on the Passover Haggadah, 4:45. Third Movement: Kol Tsahola, based on a Sabbath hymn, 2:19)

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