Halleluyah, Salamone Rossi

Halleluyah, Salamone Rossi


Composed By: Salamone Rossi

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Voicing: SATB

Keyword Baroque


Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: moderate

Country: Italy

Solos: none

Instruments: none

Lyrics: Psalm 146

Publisher: Broude Brothers

Year Composed/Published: 1622

Timing: 2:15

Tempo: moderate

First Line: Halleluyah, halleli nafshi

description: Salamone Rossi (c. 1570 - c.1630) was a Mantuan violinist and composer in the employ of Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga. He was also the first composer to publish a collection of polyphonic motets for the synagogue. The thirty-three motets, set for three to eight voices, include psalms, hymns and prayers for synagogue services or for sacred concerts. “Halleluyah” is included in the liturgy for all morning services. Rossi’s setting is largely homophonic, similar in style to church music composed by his Christian colleagues.

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