Vayimalet Kayin, Braun

Vayimalet Kayin, Braun


Composed By: Yehezkel Braun

Title: Vayimalet Kayin (And Cain Fled)

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Voicing: TBB

Keyword Cain

Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: moderate

Country: Israel

Solos: tenor

Instruments: none

Lyrics: Yaacov Shabtai (based on Genesis)

Year Composed/Published: circa 1963

Timing: 3:45

Tempo: fast (with a few slow passages)

First Line: vayimalet kayin el hasadot, ve-al mitskho ha-ot.

description: Braun originally composed this piece circa 1963 for The Yarkon Trio (Arik Einstein, Yehoram Gaon, Benny Amdursky), a popular folkloristic ensemble. The poem is based on the story of Cain, after he murdered his brother, Abel, wandering the earth, marked as a killer, finding no respite. Braun’s setting, using modal harmonies, alternates between strong homophonic proclamations and stretto canons,

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