Zokharti Lokh, Lewandowski

Zokharti Lokh, Lewandowski


Composed By: Louis Lewandowski

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Voicing: TTBB

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Event/Holiday: Rosh Hashanah

Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: moderately easy

Country: Germany

Solos: tenor

Instruments: organ

Lyrics: Jeremiah and Ezekiel

Year Composed/Published: 1876

Timing: 4:00

Tempo: slow

First Line: ve’al yedey avodecho ha-nevi-im kosuv leymor.

description: Lewandowski’s music resembles that of his contemporary, Felix Mendelssohn; the style is firmly rooted in the classical/romantic choral tradition. This composition was written for the Rosh Hashanah service and has become a favorite. After a cantorial recitative the male chorus sings a tender melody in a simple but rich homophonic texture.

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