Song of Praise, Starer

Song of Praise, Starer


Composed By: Robert Starer

Arranged By: Joshua Jacobson

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Voicing: unison and two-part, any voicing


Event/Holiday: Shabbat

Language: Hebrew and English

Difficulty: easy/moderate

Country: Israel/Austria/America

Solos: none

Instruments: piano (or harp, violin and cello)

Lyrics: Psalm 92

Publisher: MMB, Lauren Kaiser

CD: Zamir Chorale of Boston

Year Arranged/Published: 1988

Timing: 4:40

Tempo: moderate

First Line: tov lehodot ladonai, it is good to give thanks to the Lord

description: Robert Starer belongs to the generation of young Jewish musicians who fled Austria in the 1930s. After spending a decade in Jerusalem, Starer eventually settled in the United States. “Song of Praise” is one of Starer’s many works in which he alternates Hebrew and English lyrics. The writing is basically tonal (or modal), but frequent and unexpected modulations are common. The voicing is flexible enough so that this piece works equally well with all-male, all-female or mixed choirs, large or small. This is the first of four choruses in the Psalm suite, Mizmor L’David.

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