Souls on Fire, Osborne

Souls on Fire, Osborne


Composed By: Charles Osborne

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Voicing: SATB

Keyword Hassid, Holocaust, Wiesel

Language: Hebrew, English

Difficulty: moderate

Country: America/Poland

Solos: soprano, alto, tenor, bass, narrator

Instruments: orchestra

Lyrics: Aryeh Finkelstein

Publisher: Osborne (ZC Music)

Year Composed/Published: 1998

Timing: 75

Tempo: various

First Line: My God, the soul that You have given me is pure.

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description: Osborne’s oratorio was inspired by Elie Wiesel’s book of the same title, chronicling the lives of the Hassidic masters. The work is characterized by a remarkable variety of expression. But lurking beneath the surface is a reminder of the anguish of the Holocaust. Portions of this work (notably “Shalom Aleykhem”) can be excerpted and performed with piano accompaniment.

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