Psalm Verses, Braun

Psalm Verses, Braun


Composed By: Yehezkel Braun

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Voicing: canons of any combination (SA, TB or SATB)

Keyword canons

Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: moderate (some are easy)

Country: Israel

Solos: none

Instruments: none

Lyrics: Psalms

Publisher: Israel Music Institute IMI

Year Composed/Published: 1982

Tempo: various

First Line: Kol ra’amcha

description: Each of these little gems is a setting of a verse or two from the Psalter. The simpler ones are two-part canons at the unison. The more complex canons involve up to five parts, are in mixed meter, have entrances in different keys and involve inversion of the subject. A word of warning to the conductor: the composer has written many of these in the form of “puzzle canons;” you’ll need to figure out their solutions. But it’s worth the effort. These are fun to sing and lovely to listen to. Use your imagination in selecting a sub-set of the eighteen, allocating them to various combinations of voices, and arranging ways to bring each canon to a conclusion.

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