Psaume 121 (122), Milhaud

Psaume 121 (122), Milhaud


Composed By: Darius Milhaud

title: Psalm 121

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Voicing: TTBB

Keyword Jerusalem

Language: French (alternative German text is provided)

Difficulty: moderate

Country: America, France

Solos: none

Instruments: none

Lyrics: Psalm 121 (or Psalm 122 in some Bibles)

Year composed: 1921

Dedicated to the Harvard Glee Club

Timing: 3:30

Tempo: moderate and fast

First Line: Je me suis fondu de joie (I was glad when they said unto me)

description: A setting of the Psalm depicting a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Milhaud beautifully exploits the rich textures of the male chorus, with modal scales and a thrilling bitonal ending.

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