Mizmorei Tehilim, Tzvi Avni

Mizmorei Tehilim, Tzvi Avni


Composed By: Tzvi Avni

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Voicing: SATB

Keyword Jerusalem


Language: Hebrew or English

Difficulty: medium difficult

Country: Israel

Solos: none

Instruments: none

Lyrics: Psalms 47, 48, 150

Publisher: Transcontinental

Year Composed/Published: 1967

Timing: 6:25

Tempo: various

First Line: Kol ha-amim tiku khaf

description: This three-movement work was commissioned for the 1967 Zimriyah International Choral Festival in Israel. Its texts reflect both the uniqueness of the host nation, and the joy a foreigner experiences when coming to the Holy Land. This is one of the last works from Avni’s “Mediterranean” style period, incorporating the rhythms and modes of the Middle East. The first movement is set in a lively 5/4 meter. The second movement evokes the Palestrina ideal in its polyphonic texture made up of independent, lyrical, flowing lines. The finale returns to the mood of the opening: joyous homophony in mixed meters. This colorful work is very rewarding for more advanced choirs.

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