Hem Ameru, Braun

Hem Ameru, Braun


Composed By: Yehezkel Braun

English Title: They Said (From the Sayings of Our Forefathers)

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Voicing: SATB

soloists: soprano, tenor, bass

Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: challenging

Country: Israel

Instruments: none

Lyrics: Mishnah Pirkey Avot (Ethics of the Fathers)

Year Composed/Published: 2005

Timing: 15:00

Tempo: various

First Line: Moshe kibel torah miSinai (Moses received the Torah at Sinai)

description: As with all of Yehezkel Braun’s settings, the text is paramount, and the music illuminates the lyrics. You’ll hear that in the opening words — where the transmission of the Torah is heard as a transmission of melody from one voice to another. You’ll hear it —more subtly— where the rabbis write about “three things,” and the music switches to triple meter. You’ll hear it in the ominous minor key that illustrates the warnings against greed and envy and the vain pursuit of honor. And so much more.

There are 14 movements:

1. Moshe Kibel Torah Mi‐Sinai (The Transmission of the Torah)
2. Al Shelosha Devarim (What Keeps the World Going)
3. Aseh Lekha Rav (Have a Master and a Friend)
4. Hevey Marbeh Lakhkor (Cross‐examine the Witnesses) 5. Ehov Et Ha‐melakha (Love Your work)
6. Im Eyn Torah (Torah and Common Decency)
7. Eyze Hu Khakham (Who Is Truly Wise?)
8. Ha‐kin’ah (Envy, Greed and Honor)
9. Ha‐Lomed Yeled (Learning in One’s Youth)
10. Al Tistakeil Ba‐kankan (Do not judge a bottle by its form)
11. Ha‐kin’ah (Envy, Greed and Honor)
12. Hafokh Bah (Delve Deeply)
13. Lefum Tsa’ara Agra (No Pain, No Gain)
14. Moshe Kibel Torah Mi‐Sinai (The Transmission of the Torah)

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