Ester, Lidarti

Ester, Lidarti


Composed By: Cristiano Giuseepe Lidarti

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Voicing: SAB

Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: moderate

Country: Holland, Italy

Solos: 2 sopranos, 2 tenors

Instruments: Baroque orchestra

Lyrics: Jacob Raphael Saraval

Publisher: Israel Music Institute

Year Composed/Published: 1774

Timing: 88:00

Tempo: various

First Line:

description: In 1774, Giuseppe Lidarti composed an oratorio in Hebrew based on the biblical story of Queen Esther, as recast in a libretto by the Venetian rabbi Jacob Raphael Saraval. It was probably commissioned by the Jews of Amsterdam, but was certainly performed in Italy as part of the tradition of presenting musical theater for the festival of Purim. This work had been lost until its rediscovery several years ago by Prof. Israel Adler. Several choral movements (Hodu Ha-Arets and Bet Ysrael Sifdu) are published separately.

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