Al Kol Eileh, Naomi Shemer

Al Kol Eileh, Naomi Shemer


Composed By: Naomi Shemer (arr. Josh Jacobson)

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Voicing: SATB


Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: moderate

Country: Israel

Solos: none

Instruments: piano (French Horn)

Lyrics: Naomi Shemer

Publisher: Transcontinental

Year Composed/Published: 1980 (arr. 1993)

Timing: 2:57

Tempo: moderate

First Line: al ha-dvash ve’al ha-okets

description: Shemer’s bittersweet song, expresses her acceptance and gratitude for life in all its complexity, even as we accept that the bee gives us both its honey and its sting. Bundled here in a medley with “Shir Lashalom.”

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