Ani Ma'amin, arr. Caldwell

Ani Ma'amin, arr. Caldwell


Composed By: Azriel David Fastag (some think it is a melody by an unknown composer)

Arranged by: Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory

Title translated: I believe

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Voicing: unison (SA unison or SATB unison)

Event/Holiday: Holocaust remembrance

Language: Hebrew

Difficulty: moderate

Country: America, Poland

Solos: optional speaker presents a narration

Instruments: piano and violin

Lyrics: Maimonides

Publisher: earthsongs

Year composed: 1942 (?)

Year arranged: 2005

Timing: 6:00 (with narration)

Tempo: moderate

First Line: ani Ma’amin be’emunoh sheleymoh

description: This piece, arranged by Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory, gained its greatest significance during the Holocaust.  Thousands of Jews sang this song on their way to the gas chambers operated by the Nazis. 

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