Tzvi Sherf


Tzvi Sherf (b. 1948) 

Tzvi Sherf was born in Kibbutz Dalia, where he gained his first musical education playing the violin and singing in the choir.

After his military service as an artillery officer, he studied computer engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. His Yom Kippur War experience led him to the decision to choose music as a profession and a way of life.

At the beginning of his professional career he took part as an arranger and a bass guitar player in many stage, TV and radio productions. Later he began working with various singing groups and vocal ensembles.

Today he mainly focuses on directing, conducting and training of choral ensembles, writing choral arrangements, and writing and composing songs.

His choral arrangements represent an original blend of influences from diverse music styles: jazz, blues, pop, folklore and classical music.

Many of his arrangements were recorded and performed by the best choirs in Israel and abroad, including: Kamaran Choir, The New Israeli Vocal Ensemble, “Hakibbutz Haartzi” Choir, “Naama” Women Choir, Israeli children choirs: “Moran”, “Haefroni”, “Bat-Kol”, “Meitar”, “Li-Lach” and many more, as well as “Hazamir” Choir Boston, “Chorale Polyphonique De Casablanca” and other choirs in Europe,  the USA and Asia.

Amongst his songs: “HaDudaim” (love plant) performed by “Sexta”; “Al Tevatri” (don’t give up) performed by the vocal duos “HaParvarim” and “HaDudaim”

His solo album “Black Moon“ was released in 1998.

In 1987 he founded the professional jazz vocal quartet “Kav Arba” (“Line #4”), and Coral vocal ensemble – which he conducts since then.

With Coral vocal ensemble he won first prizes in competitions in Israel and in Europe, and has released 3 albums:  Coral – Vocal Ensemble (1994),  Coral – Troubadour (2010),  At This Time (2017).