Yehezkel Braun


Yehezkel Braun (1922-2014) was born in Breslau and the age of two was brought to Israel, where he found himself in close contact with East-Mediterranean traditional musics. The influence of this background is clearly felt in his compositions. He is a graduate of the Israel Academy of Music and holds a Master's degree in Classical Studies from Tel Aviv University. In 1975 he studied Gregorian chant with Dom Jean Claire at the Benedictine monastery of Solesmes in France. His main academic interests were traditional Jewish melodies and Gregorian chant. He lectured on these and other subjects, at universities and congresses in England, France, the United States and Germany. Yehezkel Braun taught for many years at Tel Aviv University. In 2001 he was awarded the prestigious Israel Prize. (The Israel Prize is the most highly regarded award in Israel. It was first awarded in 1953 and has been awarded every year since then on the eve of the Israeli Day of Independence. The prize is presented to the recipient before the Knesset, Prime Minister, President, and Supreme Court of Israel.) Considered to be one of Israel's greatest composers, Braun's music is delightfully lyrical and reflects his passion for traditional Jewish chant.

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