Tsippi Fleischer

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Tsippi Fleischer

Tsippi Fleischer (b. 1946)

Israeli composer Tsippi Fleischer has become well known for her innovative, creative mind. Her talents were nurtured in the cultural pluralism of the land of Israel. In her works she combines the knowledge of the indigenous cultures of her homeland with a firm foundation in Western culture. Fleischer is also known as a fine educator, and many of her students have become composers and well-known conductors. She holds academic degrees in Semitic Linguistics and Hebrew and Arabic philology, in addition to her degrees in Music Theory and Composition. She received her MA in Music Education from New York University and has completed her PhD in Musicology at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Her many works for voices, instruments and electronic media have been performed to acclaim throughout the world. She currently teaches at Tel Aviv University.



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