Penina Inbar


Penina Inbar

Born: Germany

Pnina Pinkert-Inbar was born in Germany, and immigrated to Israel from Poland. She grew up in Kibbutz Gan Shemuel, a member of which she was until 1994, when she moved to Kibbutz Ein Hashofet. Pnina Inbar is a graduate of the Tel Aviv Music Teacher’s College. Inbar studied singing with Lola Shanzer, and participated in music courses with Gil Feldman and Emma Kirkby.

She was a member of the Abu Gosh Festival Choir (1965-1970), sang and performed as soloist with the haKibbutz Ha’arzi, Cameran and Rinat Choirs. Inbar was a member of the Voice Quintet “Quinta Zacca” (Perfect Fifth) ensemble. She performed as a soprano soloist with various choirs and orchestras.

Inbar conducts the Na’ama Women’s Choir, which she founded in 1989. She also founded the Meggido Choir with whom she is conductor and musical director since 1995. Since 2003 Pnina Inbar is a conductor of the Shani Girls Choir (Arts House Emmek Israel).

She is a voice training teacher as well as composer and music arranger. Pnina Inbar received two “Conductor Awards” at international competitions sponsored by Interkultur International, in Germany and in Israel. Both her adult Choirs tour abroad frequently and have won prizes and honours at International Competitions in Israel, Germany, Austria, Italy, China and Russia. In 2002-2003 she launched in Felicia's Blumenthal Music Center in Tel-Aviv a concert series named ‘Choralia’, in which the choir sings together with the audience. She is arranging and conducting the series.

ComposersAyan Sanyal